Toning Out The Yellow

After getting my hair bleached, toned, color eliminator was used, and then my hair was finely all even, it was still a bright yellow. I did some research on purple shampoos but what I really needed was a toner that is going to cancel out the yellow.

Mike went to the Sally’s Beauty Salon today and picked me up some Bright White Creme Toner as well as Volume 10 developer. You can also buy a booster to help speed up the process.

This is my hair prior to applying the toner. Very yellow and still a bit uneven. The bleaching was done at my hair salon. They did a wonderful job, but just not exactly what I wanted. They could have had my come back to get it altered but I didn’t want to over-process my hair.

These are the products I used. Ion Color Brilliance in Platinum Lace Bright White. And Volume 10 developer. I double checked with Mike about what increments the lady said to use. I didn’t want my hair to turn out platinum blonde!! Or silvery white!!

I used 1:1 ratio. I used the entire crème tube and half the bottle of developer.

This is a booster that helps speed up and intensify your toning process. I accidentally forgot to add it before I applied the paste to my hair! I ran to the bathroom and quickly added it to my hair. Yikes! Could have been bad.

This was halfway through the processing! It turned a slightly greyish purple color. I left it in for about 40 minutes. Give or take the time to wash it out.

After I washed and conditioned my hair it was a nice ash blonde color and there were even some undertone highlights!

The result! I am very pleased with how this turned out. It looks like completely different hair. Again, I am so glad that I got the bleaching and lightening of my hair done professionally at a salon. I do not know enough about hair bleaching and lightening to be able to do it from home. Good judgement call! I have died my hair browns and red before at home, but never gone lighter.

I can still hardly believe the difference in hair color. I am glad that I had Mike talk with a hair stylist at Sally’s before we purchased anything. This result has made me happy about how much time, money, and stress was put into the process!

Please feel free to ask me any question about my hair. I will have hair tutorials and style ideas coming soon! 😊

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