How To Get The House Clean With a Baby/Toddler

There is always something to do in our homes. Dishes, laundry, cooking, sweeping, mopping, feeding, napping, changing… The list goes on forever. Why not make each of these tasks fun and exciting? I do these to help pass the time! If I sit around all day moping about having nothing to do, the time goes ever so slowly.

How can I clean the house when I have a baby to take care of?


I always let B ‘help’ unload the dishwasher. He walks up and takes out the nearest lid (with a handle) and a pot. He even comes back for a spoon!

This entertains him for a few minutes while I can finish unloading and load it back up. TIP- Load the utensil tray up on the counter so babe can’t grab any dirty utensils or knives.

I believe that babies watch everything that we do. They also learn and follow by example. Letting them help with tasks in their own way, will help them become more capable children. If the dishwasher is ‘off limits’ how are they to someday understand that they have to help with unloading/loading it?


Folding the laundry is honestly one of my favorite things to do. It relaxes me and lets me organize and sort things how I like them. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I enjoy being able to have control over certain things! 

We always fold laundry in the bedroom. I keep a bin of toys that stay in the bedroom, so that B has some variation throughout the day – wouldn’t want him to get bored of his toys!

As I fold and make piles of clothing on the floor, B plays with his toys, waddles around the room checking things out, and he even plays with my bins full of tights, belts, and accessories. 

This is also the time that I take to stuff and prep my cloth diapers! Check out my other articles relating to Cloth Diapers.


We HAVE to eat to survive. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a convenience. Eating something pre-packaged and microwavable may seem the most appealing and easy. It definitely won’t help our mom bod! Find healthy recipes that will fill your body with nutrients! Try some of my own favorite recipes that are great for pregnant, or breastfeeding mommas.

As for cooking with children around, try to find something they can play with while you do some meal prep. Can you give them some containers or pots and spoons to play with?

Use a bouncer seat on the floor. You can even pull their high chair up to the counter so they can watch you cook! -Just be careful if you are using the oven or stove. Little hands like to grab!

B was a bit of a clingy baby, okay maybe a lot, so it was difficult to do anything without holding him. I learned quickly how to cut veggies while holding a baby!  


Carry your baby! Get in a great workout by using those arms God gave you. It is difficult, I know. But it can be super fun! I always sing a clean up song while I sweep and B finds it hilarious. 
Now that B is older, he likes to walk around me while I sweep and watch what I am doing. He likes to run into my pile of crumbs, so watch out they don’t pick anything up!
TIPS for mopping – make sure to use a chemical free floor solution. Since babies are crawling around and sometimes licking floors, it is important to use something chemical free so they can’t get harmed. 
Again, babies learn from what they see! The other day, B picked up the broom and dustpan and started sweeping the floors! It’s amazing how much of an example we are to our babes. – Time to invest in a child sized broom set!

Make cleaning FUN again by including your child while you work. Our children are always watching what we are doing. Some day they will emulate all that we have shown and taught them. So make sure you are spending quality time teaching them how to be independent – and also LETTING them be independent.

Leave a comment below with tips and tricks that have worked for you while cleaning your house. We all love hearing new methods!

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