Tips For a Consistent Fitness Routine

Life can be busy and distracting! It happens to all of us. Doesn’t matter if you are the world champion of yoga, or a stay at home mom trying to get fit. Maybe you have fallen out of staying active, gotten busier, discouraged, or maybe you have just had a baby, this article is for you! Fitness is different for everyone. So make sure to tailor this plan to YOU.

After I had my baby I found it hard to want to get out and exercise. Mostly because he was born in February so there is still a lot of cold snowy days. Once March rolled around and it started getting warmer, I would go on long walks around the block. Bundling him up in the stroller or baby wrap worked great. I also wore warm clothes that I could take off if I got too warm.

I got in the habit of doing some Pilates or light stretches at home, but when we moved to our new place on the other side of town, I lost all motivation again. Having a baby is hard work! Especially the laundry, cloth diaper laundry, cleaning up toys, vacuuming crumbs, dishes… The list goes on.

Here are some helpful tips to get back into exercise and to LOVE IT! I know I always get excited when I re-start or start a new workout routine!

#1 You Can Do This!

“You are under no obligation to the person you were 5 minutes ago.” – Alan Watts

Everyday is a new chance to start over. Make the best of your day by remembering your importance. Nobody is perfect, and this life is meant for us to learn! Learn how to be a better person, learn habits and good routines. Discover our motivations and priorities.

Finding 20 minutes a day allows you to do a full body workout. Available on YouTube is a huge database of free workouts! So, get online and find a workout that suits your body and lifestyle. POPSUGAR Fitness has hundreds of free workouts. Often, I will do multiple of these a day because they are so fun!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Total Body Sculpt and Tone

15 Minutes – No Equipment!

30 Minutes – Burn Those Calories!

Or, check out my own fitness routines – Coming Soon!

#2 Choose a Goal to Work Towards

Starting a new workout routine, whether it be once a week or everyday, can be a shock to our bodies – and our schedules. Don’t assume you can pick up where you left off a year ago. Working your way up in strength helps prevent injuries.

If you are coming back into exercise after having a baby, make sure to wait a couple months until your body has had some time to heal, and your physician has given you the green light.

I suggest starting with some light stretches and some cardio to boost your heart rate and burn some calories. This will help your endurance levels and allow you to workout longer once you build up some stamina.

I still struggle with my endurance levels and stamina since being pregnant and having a baby. After several weeks of diligent working out everyday (with rest days, of course!) I have felt my body grow and be able to do MORE!

The important part is going at your own pace. Yet push yourself! We are capable of more than we know. Do one more rep, one more jog around the block, stretch more, and drink lots and lots of water.

#3 Find Someone You Can Be Accountable To

When starting something new, or over again, it is nice to have someone to talk to about it and share your experience and progress. This also allows you to be accountable to someone. Find a family member or friend that you can use as your ‘person’.

I can confide in my husband and have his help in learning new exercises, staying on task throughout the week, and spending quality time with too. My husband is a body builder and we try to go to the gym together occasionally. This allows us to have some fun time working out together, and push each other to do more.

#4 Use a Journal/Calendar

For everyday life I use a bullet journal. Find my story in my blog! I can keep track of things that need to get done throughout the day and through the week. I am also able to write down new ideas for exercises and plan my day to include a good workout.

This method works great for me because I am a very organized person. I like to have all my activities and errands of the day written out so I don’t forget anything. Working out is near the top of my list!

#5 Look Back at Your Progress – Take Some Pics!

Whether this is through your journal/calendar, or through pictures, seeing progress is what we all want. I think the best progress that I have discovered, is how I FEEL. Let’s be honest, a scale can hurt our feelings if we are weighing ourselves everyday. Getting fit and staying fit is the struggle. I find that as I work harder and harder for the ‘beach bod’ and compare myself to other people -or professionals- I become discouraged. We should be comparing ourselves, to ourselves!!

After a good workout where I have pushed myself a bit further than last time, I feel great.

I am not trying to lose weight right now, but instead I am trying to gain more confidence in myself and in my body. I am also trying to have better control and strength when doing toning and cardio.

Having a reward when we have made more progress is a great way to feel motivation. Although, we should be doing this to feel healthier, and not just for a reward ha-ha.

#6 Reward Yourself

Whatever floats your boat! If a reward for you is a Booster Juice Smoothie, a new pair of running shoes, a new workout tank, or some resistance bands, find something to work towards. Have it be something new and exciting, or something you don’t do very often – like a spa day!

There are times when we need a little more motivation to reach our goals. The importance of reinforcing our behavior applies to many situations in life. When starting a new workout routine, going hard for a few weeks may be fun and exciting. After a month or 2 we tend to put it aside and not focus as much attention on it. Make sure it is one of your priorities so you don’t lose focus!

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