Things You Didn’t Know Before Starting Cloth Diapers

When I first started cloth diapering B, I was very much in the dark.

I got some pre-loved diapers off Kijiji and just started using them as best I could. I caught up with lots of cloth mama’s on YouTube and thought I would know exactly what to do. It can’t be that hard, right? Little did I know, there were some details that I just didn’t realize, and wouldn’t understand until I had started using them for a couple weeks.

Here are some of the problems I ran into, or things I didn’t know!

Sorry mommas, but just because your baby isn’t in a disposable, doesn’t mean you can go longer in between bum changes. IF anything, I find that I change B more often when he is in cloth. This is because leaks can happen more often. Especially throughout the day when babies are bouncing around. Disposables with gel absorbency can hold up to 300x their weight in water! 💦 It makes me sad when babies bums aren’t changed at least every 2 hours during the day. Disposables can cause nasty rashes if left on too long or without a barrier cream.

I put 2 liners in each of my diapers. One microfiber and one bamboo. I also have microfiber-bamboo liners that I alternate as well. I do have cotton pre-folds that I use at night time.

If I put more liners in, it would increase the amount of pee absorption, but it also makes for one big booty. Which can also be the cause of compression leaks. Think about it, having a huge cloth diaper full of liners being sat on, squished around and rubbed between your baby’s legs. We want the leg holes tight enough so no pee comes out, yet when they are stuffed too full and baby sits down, it can leak out easier.

Having a wet bag or a wet pail to store the dirty diapers is one of the easier methods. I have a pail with a large wet bag in it that I put all our dirty diapers in. When wash day comes all I do is dump the pail into the washer including the wet bag, and throw detergent in and go! – Also, I got this pail and wet bag second hand for like $10!!

Yes you can use regular detergent! There are some detergents that have sulfates or other chemicals that do not work nicely with cloth diapers. But remember, your baby POOPS AND PEES in these diapers. Using ENOUGH detergent is important. Don’t be skimpy.

Also, homemade detergents with baking soda and essential oils… DO NOT clean your diapers enough! You are washing human feces and urine out of these diapers. Please be smart and use enough of the right type of detergent.

I separate the liners out of the pocket diapers after each bum change. Separate, and toss into the bin. Some moms leave the liners in their pocket diapers, and find that they make their way out in the rinse cycle. I have not tried this because I find it easier to take them out before hand. Then you don’t have to search through a wet load of laundry if they didn’t separate.

Another thing that I discovered for myself, is how much easier it is to use shirts and pants, instead of onesies and pants. When I use onesies with cloth diapers, the diapers take up more room. If the bottom of the onesie rides up on the legs and into the sides of the cloth diaper, it gets wet. And then baby’s pants get wet too! I used to change so many outfits because of this. I do love using onesies, I just make sure to have them be a larger size so that it doesn’t cause leaks.

Make sure you are using a cloth diaper safe bum cream. Not every cream can be used on cloth. This is because it can build up and not wash out of the fabric, which then effects the absorbency of your diaper. Vaseline – this coats the diapers and is hard to wash out.

You can cloth diaper part-time!! We use cloth during the days and mostly disposable at night, unless we run out. This is what works for B because he pees through everything cloth at night time unless I change him every couple of hours. I must say I am loving my long stretches of sleep. Even if they are only 2-3 hours.

Cloth diapers hold the messy poops! I have only had a poop-explosion in cloth diapers ONCE. And thats because it wasn’t tight enough around B’s thighs. Evey time B poops in a disposable it EXPLODES.  💣

I am so thankful to cloth. It has saved me so much time, hassle, poop on my hands, and having to take out one stinky diaper all the way outside to the trash bin. – Hubby won’t let them sit inside in the garbage.

There are plenty of other details that may come up as I explore different accessories and types/styles of diapers. Once B’s poops transition to solids, I’m sure there will be more things I didn’t know how to do!

Please leave any suggestions or things you have come across while cloth diapering your babes.

3 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know Before Starting Cloth Diapers

    1. Yes, thank you Katelynn! I have converted my sister, and I hope to help lots of others come to cloth too!
      I would love to check out your eBook – that is such a great idea. Lots of work I bet. It’s worth it though!

  1. Thank you for sharing your post! Some of the things you learnt I also learnt. I must admit I’m notorious for leaving disposables on a little longer than they should, but I’m oh so grateful for changing cloth diapers and keeping baby girl rash free. Thank you for linking up this month.

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