Taking The Plunge – Going Blonde!

My husband Michael has always told me he would love to see me with blonde hair. There is a picture hanging in my parent’s house where I have some medium blonde highlights from high school, which is one of Michael’s favorite photos of me. My salon was offering 50% off any hair color this month only on Tuesday’s… I had to take the plunge! Who doesn’t want to save money when it comes to expensive hair treatment?

To be honest, I have always done my hair ‘DIY’ at home. Never in a salon. I am not against it, I just could never afford hundreds of dollars for my hair. It seemed silly to me. I have dyed my hair red, brown, very dark brown, some light highlights, but never full on blonde. I used to by box dyes from shoppers or Walmart, but since I have discovered Sally’s Beauty Salon, I will never use box dye on my hair again. Sally’s sells each color individually in a tube, and you choose which level of developer to use. This does mean mix it at home. Which is better for your hair! The box dyes come with a generic amount of developer which could be wrong for your hair type or hair color result.

This is a cute hairstyle I have always had fun with since cutting my hair off. 2 space buns on the back of my head, with half my hair down because it’s too short. I have been getting bad headaches when I wear my hair up recently… No fun 🙁

Progress pics!

Nervous as heck! Even though I am out of the house getting a break from craziness, this doesn’t feel much different. There were multiple times when I had decided to not do it. The result has made me happy that I tried it out.

My stylist Tammy started by bleaching the ends of my hair except my roots – which was about 2 inches. She checked my hair every 10 minutes until it was getting lighter. There was some red in the bottom half of my hair that has grown out since I dyed it back in November.  Red is VERY hard to get out of hair.

It’s been about an hour and my hair has lifted to a salmon-pink color. Hopefully it all comes out!

My patience is still intact. Time to go under the heat helmet. This speeds up the process of the bleach. There is still a bit of pink left, but we are hoping this helps get it out.

Time to bleach the roots! There is still a bit of pink left in the ends, but the rest of my hair lifted very fast and beautifully she said! I’ve been in the salon about 2 hours now.

After Tammy washed the bleach out she toned my hair with some blue toner to cancel out the red/pink color. It didn’t take it all out (as you can see some pink above^^) so she also used a color eliminator. Once she used the eliminator, the pink was gone! And some nice golden blonde hair was there!

My new hair after a bit of a comb back once I got home. I love the end result! Holy moly I was there from like 1:30-5. I didn’t even think it would be that long!

Honestly, I am EXTREMELY thankful that I went to a salon to get this done professionally. Please NEVER try this at home unless you are experienced. Even after I watched plenty of YouTube videos and thought I could do it on my own, the thought of messing up or not knowing what to do is what made me want to get it done by someone who knows what they are doing. Part of being savvy, is being smart and making good judgement. I am proud of my decision of letting a professional do my hair.

I didn’t realize how much of a science it is to dye your hair. Sure, it’s easy to pick up a box dye from the store and read the instructions. I’ve done these loads of times. But when it comes to bleaching, toning, and using chemicals to remove color from hair, it can become dangerous.

Once I got home I was so excited to show off my new hair! My mom and brother Bradley were over to help watch Beckett and another little boy that I babysit. Michael was so happy that I got it done! He kept saying how wonderful it looked. He was sad he had to go off to work, but he said he can’t wait till tomorrow when he can enjoy it more and take some pictures. My mom and brother also liked it. Bradley said he had to look twice because he almost didn’t recognize me! I think they both will have to get used to it. I know I will. It is a big change for me. Beckett had to look a couple times too when he ran into my arms. He was just happy to have me home ♥

After everyone left and Mike went off to work, I didn’t realize how much of a headache I had developed. The chemicals, rubbing of my scalp, pulling of my hair, and the toner and color eliminator really took a toll on my scalp and hair. I do have very healthy hair so my scalp and hair is still in pretty good shape. Whenever we dye, lighten, or bleach our hair it always does some damage.

I rubbed coconut oil over my scalp and hair all the way to the ends. Beckett was watching me do it and came over to get some too! So I sat him on my lap and rubbed some in his hair. What a sweetie! He has been copying everything we do. It is such a fun stage he is in right now.

Please, if you want to dye/lighten/bleach your hair:

🌸 Professional is best, unless you have the experience.

I have always dyed my own hair, except for bleaching it. No one needs a bad hair day! Dyeing hair will always cause damage so be careful and be smart. It can save a lot of money to do your hair from home. Dying your hair a similar shade or darkening your hair can be easy from home. I have always done my own hair. I will always do my own hair if I am doing a similar color or going darker. Lightening or bleaching your hair is tricky and can result in a lot of damage. I am thankful for this experience because it has taught me that I will always want to get my hair professionally bleached.

🌸 Wash less often.

We only need to be washing our hair once or twice a week. Yes, please shower your body more often, we don’t need more stinky people in the world. But let your hair build up its natural oils. Throw on a hat or some dry shampoo and go another day without washing.

🌸 Condition your hair. 

Especially when your hair is bleached, you want to be deep conditioning your hair once or twice a month. This isn’t much work people, just google an at-home hair mask (or use my favorite – coconut oil overnight). Some people use an egg, mayo, olive oil, and honey mixture. All household goods!

🌸 Learn some no-heat Hairstyles. 

When your hair is dyed, it has had damage done to it. Straightening, curling, and even blow drying with heat makes your hair more susceptible to breakage. Using no-heat curlers overnight, or putting your hair in braids can give you some nice curls. For ladies with short hair, it is fun to try to style with pomade or wax! You can also use the low-heat or cool setting on your blow dryer.

🌸 For blondes – purple shampoo! 

Purple shampoo will help keep the yellow/copper tinge out of your hair until you can get it toned again. This will save a lot of trips to the salon! You can get a purple shampoo from just about every department store. Make sure it’s a dark purple or it won’t do much for toning. You can also purchase toners for bleached hair, just be careful not to leave them on too long. You should tone your hair after bleaching though!! The purple shampoo won’t do much of anything for you unless you tone it first.

Thank you for following my new adventure!

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