Resolutions 2018

The start of a new year is always such an exciting time for me. I feel grateful to be able to start fresh and make plans for a year of change, devotion, and happiness. I believe in starting each new year with a conviction to make healthy changes. We can also plan and prepare for many new things early, so that we don’t procrastinate until the end of the year.

This week I want to share with you my top 3 resolutions for this year. My husband and I have written out some resolutions for ourselves and for our family. I won’t share all of them, but I will share the ones I am trying to make more of a priority.

#1 Have more faith in myself and be more flexible


I have always thought of myself as a flexible person. Until this year I didn’t know that the small things would irritate me, that my blood sugar levels would change drastically after having a baby. I didn’t know I would need to be constantly eating to supply enough nutrients for breast milk. There are so many changes that come with pregnancy.

This year I would like to focus on having faith in myself! I will be babysitting another boy that is my son’s age, starting tomorrow. I have been extremely nervous and anxious about our first day. The shift is only 3 hours long and I can hardly wait for it to come. I feel stressed that my alarm won’t go off and that I will sleep in and she will come and go without me being awake! It might sound ridiculous. But it is making me have awful sleeps.

I discovered that I didn’t believe enough in myself. I went to school to be a glorified babysitter! I have dealt with children who are very difficult to listen to and to teach. I have years upon years of experience. I need to believe in myself that I am capable of getting through the first day. I am more than excited to be able to spend time with another baby and get to know him better! Don’t get me wrong, I am very enthusiastic about it all. I’m just worried about the first day… Just like starting any other job, right?

Being flexible is also something that I would like to work on. When Beckett was first born, I would be worried about leaving the house. I didn’t know what situations would arise and what objects or tools I would need.

I felt stressed when having to go to church on Sunday! I could hardly leave the house to visit my parents! I felt as though I were a mole rat. I finally told myself I needed to leave prepared enough for the typical situations but not bring my whole house in the diaper bag.

Being flexible to me, meant I needed to mentally prepare myself to be available and flexible for any new situation that would arise. Not everything has to be perfect. Even though I want to try to keep a clean house, it might not always stay that way. Perfection is something that I can strive for, but I can never reach it. And maybe that is why it is so difficult sometimes. Especially when it comes to cleaning the house!

I am blessed that I get to work from home. I still get to be with my child and learn and grow with him. I don’t have to leave him with someone else. I won’t miss out on any cuddles or snuggles. I won’t miss out on any first milestones that he achieves. I truly am lucky to be able to work from home and receive enough of an income to help support our needs.

My second resolution I would like to share with you is something inspired that I have been trying for quite some time… Although I don’t understand why it is so difficult some days!

A few months ago, I read a blog post called “Stop being a butt-hole wife”. I could not believe all the things I was doing or saying that were making my husband feel inadequate, incapable, used, taken for granted, and unloved. All these feelings are exactly the opposite of how I want my dearest lovely husband to be feeling!

#2 How to be a better wife and a better best friend ♥ 

Whether it is inside out dirty socks, unopened lunch containers in the sink, or empty yogurt cups left on the couch… I am going to start being nicer to my husband. Because I am in the home most days with our baby, I see how our house can go from clean… All the way to disaster mode all in one day! I must admit, a lot of it is my fault! And I get after my husband for not helping me keep the house clean. Like, what? How does that make any sense?

My husband, bless his heart, works 4 long evenings a week, is a full-time student, and only has a few days on the weekend to relax and enjoy himself. I put a lot of stress on him, and on our relationship by picking at him and criticizing everything he does wrong or doesn’t do. Yes, there is room for improvement – on BOTH ends. We are both responsible adults that can tidy up after ourselves. But do I really need to be picking at him for everything?

I realize it can be annoying if stuff is left out or dishes aren’t done. I have also realized how important the short hours are that we have together. I can always clean the house once I have put baby to bed. Is cleaning really the most important thing when I have limited time to spend with my husband?

I have decided to change the way I treat Michael. I want him to always feel loved. I don’t want him to feel as though he is walking on egg-shells. He is the most important person in my life! If that means I get to clean up his dirty socks, dishes, and yogurt cups, then I don’t care. I would rather be selfless than selfish.

I also tend to get mad at him when he isn’t doing things right (AKA my way). This happens a lot when it comes to our baby. Whether it’s the way he changes a diaper, puts his jacket on, or teases him. I have decided to remember that it doesn’t matter HOW Mike does things. Baby Beckett will survive. If he changes a diaper differently than me, it won’t harm our baby. If he puts his clothes on differently than me, Beckett won’t freeze or fall apart. I have sometimes just left the room, or become occupied with something else so that I let Mike handle the baby. I need to let him learn how to do things at his own pace.

I know I will be able to see a change in how happy Mike is when he is around me. The more patience I have with him, the more he can learn and grow.

My third resolution is a little different from the first 2, but still totally awesome! I have decided to get back into fitness, eating healthier, and doing the things that I love.

After being pregnant, having your body change drastically, and taking care of a new human being, it becomes difficult to remember ourselves. Our identity becomes lost under piles of laundry and dirty dishes. This year is a year to strengthen my marriage, and focus on myself. I want to get back into good shape after having a baby, and learn how to make good meals for my family.


#3 Try new meals every week!

I have wanted to change a few things within myself, whereas this resolution is something new. I have been babysitting another little boy who is one day younger than my little man. Everyday he comes over I try to make a new soup, rice dish, or casserole. His family is vegan/plant based, so there are many new options for me to try. Last year, my mother and younger brother – who lives with my parents – tried a vegan diet. My brother diligently kept to it for a year, and decided to add some other things into his diet. My mother has kept vegan as her main diet.

The 2 hardest things that they discovered while trying this new diet were: not getting enough protein/nutrients in a small amount of food. They had to eat more volume of food to get the nutrients they needed. So sometimes their stomachs would be full before they had what they needed.

I have been getting some different recipes off Pinterest. It is nice that you can see the picture, so you know what the outcome will look like. Some things don’t look as appetizing as others!

My husband is in school full-time and works part-time. Most of his days are busy, so I try to do his meal prep for him so that he always has food ready to eat in the fridge. I must say that I am very excited to try some new foods! I am a huge fan of a nice chili or a good wholesome taco. 🌮

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