Reasons To Use Cloth Diapers


This might sound silly because $200-$500 on diapers and wipes is still a chunk of money. If that is all you EVER need to spend, then you are saving a lot of money in the long run. If our average child wears diapers for 3 years, that’s about 7,500 diapers changes. At 30 cents per diaper, you would be spending roughly $2000-$3000 on diapers per child.

Wipes are also affordable. At the Dollar Store, or at Walmart, you can get a pack of 6 cloth wipes for $3!

Not only have we saved a LOT of money, we never fear running out of diapers. Unless we are slow with laundry, which never happens right??


Wearing a diaper all day must already be annoying. Wearing a cloth diaper is soft compared to crunchy disposables that can get hot and sticky when wet. Cloth diapers, when put on correctly, do not pinch or the irritate your baby’s skin. When using pocket diapers, the liners or inserts go in between a layer of soft fleece or suede, which helps to wick the pee away from your baby’s skin in a safe way.

There is also more padding under there bum when they fall!

Environmentally friendly.

As well as comfort for our baby, we are helping the environment. Reusable diapers don’t end up in a landfill every day, or take decades to decompose. When your cloth diapers are at the end of their lives, you can still re-purpose the liners or inserts into cleaning materials around the house.

I know you are afraid that it costs more to launder cloth diapers. I don’t see a difference from month to month. If I do 2 loads of diapers per week, that is about 8 per month. 8 extra scoops of detergent, and 8 more loads of water. In the long run, the laundry isn’t what adds up extra cost. It’s the new cute patterns we want to try out!

SOOO cute – Becoming the new ‘thing’.

The patterns on diapers these days are adorable. You can choose from every color, design, shape or pattern. You can even sew your own!

Cloth diapers are very popular and modern. Lots of parents are using cloth diapers not only because they are environmentally friendly, comfortable, or affordable, they are using them because it’s the new fad!

One size, or multiple sizes.

You can purchase ‘one size’ cloth diapers that fit from birth to potty-training – around 3 years old. You can also purchase diapers that are sized. For example, FuzziBunz sells sized diapers as well as one size diapers. The sized diapers fit X-Small (6 lbs) all the way to X-Large (45 lbs).

I have one size diapers because it works best for me and my child. When he was only a few months old he was chunky, and all my one size cloth diapers worked great around his thighs. Even now when he goes through growth spurts, and when he started to crawl and thin out, they have worked amazing.

Because I didn’t start cloth diapering until B was about 7 weeks old, we had used newborn size disposables for the beginning weeks. Unless you have a bigger baby or a newborn size cloth diaper stash, I would encourage using disposables for the first month until your baby can put on more size. We got a lot of newborn size and size 1 diapers from our baby shower.

Fun hobby.

Becoming a mother is a wonderful journey. I have found that it is hard for me to have my own identity separate from taking care of my child. Now that B is 1 I have found things to be easier. I can work on projects, keep the house cleaner, and enjoy some relaxing ‘me’ time. It is also fun to organize diapers and take cute pictures!

Community groups – connecting with other mothers/parents.

Facebook has quite a few groups that help answer any questions to do with cloth diapers. I have found these groups to be informing and easy to navigate through. I enjoy seeing all the cute fluff pictures too!

This is also a great way in connecting with other mothers or parents who use cloth. It is safe place to have questions answered with little to no judgement.

Believe it or not, easy cleanup! – What about the POOP?!?!

For those of you wondering if you want to be in elbows deep with baby poop, you have not been informed how easy it is to deal with the poop.

When babies are strictly breastfed, the poopy diapers can go straight in the wash. Yes, there is no scraping or scrubbing! Breastmilk poop is 100% water soluble! When I first discovered this, it was music to my ears.

There are thin disposable liners you can purchase to put between baby’s bum and the diaper to catch poop that isn’t 100% breastmilk. Once you start feeding your baby food is when the poop needs to be disposed of through the toilet or sewage system. Not in the washer or the garbage.

These liners can be purchased online through Amazon, or just about any cloth diaper company. I have tried a couple different ones, but the bumkins liners are my favorite. They are wide enough to catch the half runny/peanut butter poop. Alvababy also makes liners, although I find they are too skinny and I end up having to use 2.

If your baby has regular bowel movements, then you would only have to use the liners for part of the day and not for every diaper change. I was able to do this for a while which saved a lot of liners.

Once the poop is solid enough, it plops into the toilet with one or two shakes. Easy peasy!

Feel free to leave questions in the comments or email me.

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