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Cloth Diapers.

These two words never entered my train of thought until my baby had a terrible bum rash. We were suffering with thrush, which made breastfeeding even more difficult, and baby B had acid reflux. Why would I throw another new and challenging thing into my mix? Well, I guess when you are poor and desperate for your baby’s bum to heal, you’ll try anything.

My mother cloth diapered some of us kids back in the day. Nowadays, cloth diapering is modern and quite a bit easier than 20 years ago.

I found some pre-loved cloth diapers on Kijiji. I spent about $5 per diaper including 2 inserts per diaper. This was cheap! Considering some diapers run from $5 – $35 brand new. I got about 30 diapers in total. Which is plenty. I like having at least 24 diapers.

I was SO excited to start cloth diapering in hopes to clear up the stubborn bum rashes my babe kept acquiring. I was watching video after video on YouTube that explained what all the terms and jargon meant. I researched different types and styles of inserts, liners, covers, and wipes. I was thrilled to have found some nice second-hand diapers. I didn’t spend a fortune, and I was able to try multiple different brands of diapers. The main 2 that I bought were Kawaii and Alva Baby.

I am glad that I have cloth diapered my baby from 7 weeks old, and still going strong.

I have NEVER had a poop blowout in cloth diapers. I do occasionally have pee leaks if I haven’t put enough absorbing inserts in the diapers.

We use disposables overnight because B pees a lot. I change his bum throughout the night because he will pee through a disposable in 4 hours! I also don’t like the idea of having a wet, soggy, and sticky diaper on my baby’s bum all night long. I do like doing disposables when we go out, or at church on Sundays. But as for house time, I love being able to save money, have my baby in something soft, and I don’t have to worry about making a bunch of extra garbage.

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