My Focus This Week

Each new week I like to choose a couple things to start, continue working on, or improve in my life. Because I have come into 2018 with the mindset of being a better person, wife, and mother, I act in the present! Procrastination never helps anybody.

πŸ‰ Making sure I eat enough food – Healthy eating

I think I have always had a low blood sugar problem. If I don’t eat enough I get grumpy, tired, sometimes I get headaches, and I also say things I regret. Wait… Maybe ‘hangry’ is the right term??

Being 1-year post-partum, I still feel the negative effects of low blood sugar from pregnancy. Breastfeeding takes a lot of nutrients and energy from our bodies and uses it for milk. Basically, I feel like I am eating for 2 people. Making sure I get enough of the right food, changes a day for me. From the depressing blues, all the way to the happiest of days.

Although I don’t spend time counting calories or macros, I focus on the Canadian Food Guide. Making sure I get a balanced meal with enough fruits and vegtables, proteins, and fats.

I also listen to my body. If I am thirsty or hungry I will have my meal or snack and feel rejuvenated.

⚽🎽 Workout routine – Staying fit

This winter season has been hard me. Since having post-partum depression I have realized that being out of my house and doing different activities everyday really helps me feel like myself.

When becoming a mother, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the day-to-day tasks.

Having an identity is something that we must work for. I have decided to start a new workout routine everyday that helps my body feel stronger, healthier, and more toned.

I am excited to start this! I haven’t felt myself in ages, and being able to get my fitness levels back in check, will be a game changer.

Before I was pregnant, I had a daily workout routine filled with stretches, running, circuit training, and some weight lifting. Running was one of the ways I dealt with stress. It was my ‘safe zone’.

Michael and I have dedicated ourselves to participating in a some running marathons this year. A new adventure for us to do together. My husband is a serious body builder, so I enjoy talking with him about ways to keep our bodies healthy and our minds motivated.

πŸ› Raising Beckett

Our little baby Bug-Boo turned one-year old in February! He is a mighty fast learner and is always on the go. Of course, every day is a day that I focus on the love and development of my child. This week, I want to try some new developmental/sensory activities that allow Beckett to discover new senses and skills. Some of these activities may include water, non-toxic paint, balls, and a whole lot of fun!

There will be a week follow up with a list of the activities along with pictures.

πŸ’• Last, and the most important, continue being a good wife and best friend to my husband

Michael is the light and love of my life. I cherish him above all else. He is diligent, trustworthy, honest, strong, an amazing example, and a wonderful father to our child.

I appreciate all that he does for our little family. He works hard at school and work everyday. I love how dedicated he is to be a good father. By letting Michael discover and learn how to take care of Beckett, it allows him to have success as a parent. Although he may not do things the same way I do, they have the same outcome. My way isn’t always the only or the right way to do things.

In my other article about new years resolutions, I talked about this same exact principle. Treating our husbands or partners with love and respect.

Sadly, my criticizing towards Michael has become a toxic part of our marriage. So, I want to change the way I treat my husband. He needs to be able to learn things on his own. I can help teach him easier ways to do things – he still needs his own space. I spend 24/7 with Beckett, so of course I know how to do things faster and easier! It doesn’t mean that Mike can’t find ways that work for him.

I encourage you all to choose a couple things per week to focus on, and change things that you want to be different in your life! Your desired outcome will not come unless you sacrifice, form new habits, and confide in your loved ones. I am so grateful for the wonderful relationship that my husband and I have. Every day we become closer and our love for each other is stronger. This comes with hard work and unconditional understanding.

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