My Fitness Journey

I remember in elementary school having to run around the lake during gym class. OH MY GOSH it was so hard. I got cramps in my sides and did not want to run anymore… Well; I was probably a bit lazy. Come middle school, I enjoyed gym class! They had try-outs for Track and Field and I remember trying out for hurdles, 100 meters, and high jump.

I didn’t make it very far in 100 meters because people were faster than me. Hurdles was fun (my maiden name is Hurd so everyone thought it was hilarious) but I couldn’t jump and run fast enough at the same time. High jump was something I excelled at! I enjoyed learning new ways to train my body. Exercising and practicing with the other students was nice too.

Music and singing is a passion of mine. The clarinet was an instrument I played for around 8 years. I taught myself piano and guitar along the way too. Band, choir, after school groups – the whole shebang.

After I made it into the high jump category, I realized how each competition took dedication and hard work. Staying after school to practice, meant I had to juggle between music and sports.

I placed 1st in our school’s competition, 3rd in our cities competition, and 5th overall for Zones! I was so proud of myself for being able to achieve a goal I thought was unreachable.

While I was at Zones, I was running up to the mat ready to fly over the bar and I felt something in my left knee (my jumping leg) pull. I ended up hitting the bar and landing on it, on top of the mat. Have you ever done this? HOLY CRAP IT HURTS to land on a bar. I got my knee checked out, and I had a slight tear to my ACL. Well, at least it wasn’t my dream to become an Olympic High Jumper!

Even though my knee didn’t get better right away, I was able to give it the rest and care it needed to heal quickly. It is quite a common injury – in pubescent teenagers! I tried out for high jump over the next few years, but I wasn’t the right person for it anymore. Even though I was missing out on something I loved, I put more of my focus into my studies, personal exercise, and music.

After I graduated high school, I went into college studying Psychology/Sociology major. The college gym was great for my workouts, and GoodLife Fitness was another favorite. Running, lightweight training, and strengthening my core and legs were my focus. 5k in 26 minutes was my record! This was a big improvement that I worked towards on a daily basis.

My chiropractor gave me great exercises to do before a workout. This helped me not injure my knee again.

Looking back, I am grateful for the experiences I have had with learning about general fitness. I am at a point in my life where I have the time -and sometimes the energy ha-ha- to fit a good workout in every day. I am challenging myself to always take advantage of it. Michael and I would love to have a big family. Including physical health in our family morals is something important to the both of us.

Being Pregnant, birthing an infant, breastfeeding, and lack of sleep are all causes of my energy drainage. I’m sure you can relate!

Finding time in the day to have physical exercise is hard. Is it worth it? 100% YES.

The baby blues hit me hard for what seemed to be months and months. Post-partum depression? Maybe. All I knew was that getting outside and taking my baby on walks or runs, helped me clear my mind and be able to feel good again. Something else I discovered that has helped me feel myself, is this blog!

Writing about my passions is a new-found hobby of mine. I hope to be able to inspire many people who have gone through similar experiences. My fitness journey may not be the same as yours, but our goals of having a healthy and happy body are the same.

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