My Favorite YouTube Workout Videos!

Staying fit and healthy is a valuable part of my life.

Treating my body with love and respect is something I have learned over time. We only get one, so trying to do our best to keep it in pristine condition is worth it! 

Being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) is awesome! It has taught me new skills, valuable lessons, it has helped me develop more patience, taught me how to connect more with people, and it has brought me so much joy and happiness. It is difficult at times, for sure. Yet I find that the less I strive for ‘perfection’, the more I accomplish. I know my boundaries, but I am also my biggest critique. Pushing ourselves to accomplish MORE is a positive way to grow and learn more about ourselves. 

Have realistic expectations.

Let’s be honest. Lots of the time I am laying down on the floor with babies crawling over me while I workout. They love it! I love it! But it might not be ideal for all. I have learned to make this work because I know how important it is to stay physically fit. If that means I get to do planks with a baby on my back laughing, then so be it! 

Going to the gym once a week for a workout has been a goal of mine recently. My husband doesn’t have school or work on the weekends (YAY for more family time!) so I try to take advantage of an hour at the gym. I always go when B has his nap, and Mike can get lots of snuggles in while I am gone. This has worked out great for us so far. It allows me to have a break for “me” time, and Mike gets bonding time alone with B. Both of these are important! 

…And now what you’ve all been waiting for!

Stretch and Warm-up!

Always start your workout with a stretch session and warm up. I like to get my heart rate up by doing a POPSUGAR cardio video on YouTube; these are a few of my favorites!

10-Minute Cardio Jump Workout

15-Minute Beginner Low-Impact Cardio Workout

Short Workout Routines!

Wanting a short workout that will still get the job done, and burn calories? Try these!

5-Minute Standing Ab Workout

4-Minute No-Weight Arm Toning Workout

Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs!

5- Minute Sexy Leg Workout

No Equipment Workout Routines!

Although these workouts may be longer, I watch them on my TV while my baby plays and I can play/pause the video whenever I need to. 

45-Minute Cardio and Training Workout

The Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Love

30- Minute Abs and Booty-Toning Workout

How do I workout at home?

I LOVE watching YouTube workout videos on our TV while B is playing. Sometimes I’ll give him a snack, or bring out his favorite toys so that I get some time to focus on my body. He loves to join me on my lap for certain exercises and is often jealous that I am not paying attention to him. 

There are days when I feel like I have accomplished nothing, because all he wants is for me to play with him. When this happens, I make sure to spend as much time as he needs with me. I will go play with him, sing him songs, fulfill his needs and THEN I focus on my workout or my goals for the day. I find that this works WONDERFULLY! He knows that I am still there and available when he needs me. 

I do have my favorite stretches and exercises that I can do around the house without having to use the TV. The reason why I like to use YouTube for my workout is because it pushes me to do more. I basically have a personal trainer who talks to me and tells me I can do ‘one more set’! Being able to listen to music and follow a director is motivating for me. 

Tips for an at home workout – YOU can do it too!

  • Find a snack or some toys to help occupy your child/children
  • Pay attention to your child so they know you are still available if they need you - I find he needs me less if I do this!
  • If your baby can't have snacks, or sit up, then lay them beside you on a blanket and play with them while you workout!
  • Get all your materials ready in the same room so you don't have to leave
  • Some exercises even work great with some weight - use your baby!
  • Have faith in yourself! Some days may not be as successful. Try different strategies, don't give up!

Do you have at-home workout strategies to share? Send me a message and I will compile a post with all the suggestions!

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