Kawaii Baby Cloth Diaper Review

My cloth diaper stash consists of quite a few different brands. Kawaii Baby is one of my favorites because of the vast pattern selection. I also like Kawaii Baby because of their minky style! It is a soft and comfortable diaper that has a slight stretch to it. It’s great when you have a couple inserts to put inside.

Kawaii Baby has a lot of different products to offer. From pocket diapers, covers, and inserts, to menstrual pads, wet-bags, and waterproof bibs. Kawaii Baby is not only well priced and affordable, the quality is great and lasts years and years. Which is what we are all searching for!

Price $

Kawaii Baby pocket diapers range from about $4-$15. This includes different inserts, covers, pocket diapers, overnight diapers, and more. 

You can purchase packages that come with several diapers, inserts, and also wet-bags. These cost more up-front, but you end up saving about $.50 – $3 PER diaper, if you buy them in a value pack.

Kawaii Baby diapers can be sold on their website TheLuvYourBaby website. As well as, Ebay, Amazon, and LagoonBaby.

Snap and Velcro Fit

I was able to find some Kawaii Baby Diapers second hand, and there was both snap and Velcro closures. I like both for different reasons. Although I do like snap better. You can always get a snugger fit when using snap. Velcro is nice and easy for my husband to use! 

I used to use only Velcro overnight because it is so hard to see the snaps in the dark. Recently, I have discovered that the Velcro diapers leak more often because of where they stretch when baby moves. Using the snap diapers overnight has made a huge difference in how much pee the diapers keep in. I have also put extra pads inside. 

This will be different for everyone and for each baby! I have discovered new ways of folding inserts and pre-folds for baby’s that sleep on their back, compared to baby’s that sleep on their side or stomach. Velcro is quick, efficient, and easy. I just find that it leaks when my baby sleeps on his stomach all night long. Snap closures are also efficient and easy to use. They may take more time getting use to.


Kawaii Baby offers 4 different types of inserts. This includes cotton twill pre-fold, bamboo, charcoal bamboo, and microfiber inserts. They are about $2-$4 each, which is a GREAT price! They only come in packs of 10. 

In this photo, most of the microfiber inserts on the very right are Kawaii Baby. I do like them. I have yet to try out their bamboo inserts, and also their cotton twill pre-folds!

I am in love with pre-folds. My stash is mainly pocket diapers, and I use mainly bamboo inserts, along with a microfiber insert. Overnight I use a pre-fold and a microfiber-bamboo insert.


These diapers are strong and can hold a LOT of pee. I only have leaks when I don’t have enough inserts inside, or the diaper snaps aren’t tight enough. The PUL and minky styles are both great. They wash well, and dry quickly. I don’t have stains on ANY of my diapers – it helps when you have a good wash routine.
I have been using the same Kawaii Baby diapers for over a year now, and they were second hand! They are still in amazing condition. You would never know they were a couple years old and been on 3 different babies! 

I use heat on these diapers because air-drying has become too time consuming. At first I was so worried about putting any pocket diapers into the dryer. After months of using the dryer, there have been no issues. I only put them on low heat for about 20 minutes, and then I take them out and finish drying the inserts on high heat. 

Kawaii Baby also offers an organic line of diapers. I have tried these, and I didn’t have success with them. They leaked and didn’t fit very well. They are quite a bit smaller than the normal pocket diapers. So I would have to do another trial run with them to do a full extensive review.

Do They Hold The Poop?

They sure do! I love the Kawaii Baby diapers because they are easy to clean… When there isn’t a disposable liner inside B’s diapers, I have to dunk and swish the diapers in the toilet. The micro-fleece lining on the pocket diapers is nice and soft against baby’s bum, and also easy to clean off. 
One time, B pooped AT NIGHT TIME and I didn’t even know until morning. When we woke up I could smell it SO strongly. I opened up his diaper, and of course the poop was all crusted on his bum. But his Kawaii Baby diaper held it all in!


Price $ – Kawaii Baby diapers are well priced. They range from $4-$15 each. The inserts and accessories are also affordable.

Fit – Through all the chunky and slim stages that B has been through, Kawaii Baby diapers have always had a great fit!

Absorbency – I have only tried their microfiber inserts that I pair with other cotton or bamboo inserts. I will have to buy some Kawaii Baby bamboo inserts and do a review on them!

Comfort – Very soft and comfortable. I hardly ever get rashes on B’s bum!

Inserts – Only 4 different types to choose from. Different absorbency levels.

Quality – Comfortable, elastics don’t relax, can be used with heat, lasts for years!

NO Leakage! Just make sure to have a GOOD wash routine, and have the diaper done up correctly.

What Else Does Kawaii Baby Offer?

Inserts and Accessories 

Please leave a comment with your Kawaii Baby cloth diapering experience and any advice or suggestions. Thank you!

Happy cloth diapering!

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