Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution!

Are you sick and tired of wet and leaking cloth diapers at night time?  Does your babe wake up in a puddle of pee and soaked pajamas? Mine certainly does!

I absolutely love cloth diapers – don’t get me wrong! They are comfortable on B, easy to use, and have super cute patterns. I had just not found a solution for night time wetting. B has been in cloth diapers during the day for one year and exclusively in cloth diapers for about 3 months now. We used to use disposables at night, but we have been too poor *sad face* to afford disposables.

These last few months have helped me refine my ‘bullet proof’ method for using cloth diapers at night time!

Since we haven’t been able to afford any disposables for night time – let alone food for the fridge! – I have had to change B multiple times throughout the night because he pees SO MUCH. I honestly don’t mind doing it. He still feeds multiple times a night so I change his bum right after I feed him. Since he co-sleeps right beside our bed in his attached crib, I don’t even have to leave the bed!

I have about 4 diapers that are Velcro, or a-plex. This makes things easy at night because I don’t have to fiddle around with snaps in the dark. Over these last few months I have discovered that the Velcro diapers are my problem! They don’t get tight enough around B’s legs with so many inserts in them… And that is why the pee is leaking. I check the inserts after I take them out of the diaper and they are only half wet. THIS WAS GREAT PROGRESS! I discovered it wasn’t the amount of absorption. It was the FIT OF THE DIAPER.

Braving cloth at night has been a great experience for me.

It has helped teach me the basic principles over again of cloth diapering. Getting a good fit is the most important. In the beginning I was so discouraged because he would pee through EVERYTHING at night except disposables. I also wasn’t getting near enough sleep to be changing his bum every couple of hours at night. So, I stopped using cloth at night… I haven’t been able to find a diaper that has enough absorption to last the whole night. Without being the size of the MOON. A big-huge-massive diaper at night time wouldn’t be the most comfortable thing. His legs get pushed so far apart that he is stuck on his stomach, or his back. Talk about a bowling-ball-bum!

Having him last more than half the night without leaking was a miracle.

When I switched to using my snap diapers overnight, paired with my secret formula for inserts, I had an entire week with absolutely NO LEAKS overnight! I was so excited! Funny how cloth diaper moms get so excited over such things! The catch though, is that I still check it throughout the night to see if I need to change it at least once. 

I am hoping that once he starts sleeping through the night, he pees a lot less. I don’t want to wake up to a wet baby! Or have to change halfway through the night when he is sleeping.

Here is the method I have discovered works best for me!

Using SNAP cloth diapers vs. VELCRO cloth diapers

Both of these diapers I have found, are a little bigger than your average pocket diaper. A half an inch all the way around can make all the difference.
On the left are my Pick-A-Peck snap diapers. You get a really good snug fit when using snap diapers. I have noticed with my Kawaii Velcro diapers that they don't get tight enough around B's legs. Which makes the pee run right out. This could be because there are too many liners inside, creating a bulge in the pocket liner. I also noticed that half the inserts would still be dry when I took them out, because the pee is leaving the diaper and soaking into B's pajamas.
I do love my Velcro diapers during the day because they are nice and easy for my husband to use!

Test out your different styles and types of diapers to see which will have the best fit around your baby’s legs. They may not be as trim as the diapers you use during the day, but the extra liners or boosters will help with pee absorption.

Choose your inserts wisely!

These are a couple different types of liners and inserts that I use at night time. I ALWAYS use a cotton pre-fold (top) and one of the bottom three inserts (microfiber, bamboo-microfiber mix, or bamboo). Putting the microfiber insert on top allows for quick absorption. Using the cotton pre-fold underneath the microfiber lets the excess pee to soak into it all night long.

You may not have the same inserts as me, nor do I want you to go buy any new ones! The point of cloth diapering is to save money, right? Wrong! – collect all the diapers!!
But seriously, just use the inserts and liners that you have to their fullest potential. Double up or use some flour sack towels/receiving blankets.
Cotton pre-fold with a 4-layer bamboo-microfiber insert placed on top.
Cotton pre-fold with a 2-layer microfiber liner placed on top.

Use multiple liners

To the left here I have wrapped a bamboo-microfiber insert inside a cotton pre-fold. I have then put a single microfiber liner on top. This method has worked wonders for me. Although it only lasts about 3/4 of the night, I do change his diaper when he wakes up around 5 am.
So that means that this diaper lasts for about 9 hours on B. He sleeps from 8 pm - 8 am.

  • Check the fit of your cloth diapers. Are there any gaps along the legs?
  • Do you have enough absorbing liners to hold the pee throughout the whole night?
  • Could you use a cover instead of a pocket diaper to have more room for your inserts?

Spending some time, exercising patience, and lots of wet sheets… Has led me to my ‘bullet proof’ over night diaper, we won’t ever have to buy disposables again! We can save more money! $

Cloth diapers are amazing for multiple reasons. Check out my other Cloth Diaper posts for reviews and reasons YOU should use cloth diapers.

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