Alvababy Cloth Diaper Review

When first starting out with cloth diapers, I was able to try multiple different brands, styles, and types of inserts and liners. Alvababy being my favorite! I found some pre-loved diapers on Kijiji and was able to save some money on more expensive brands. Alvababy was so dependable in every way, that I have since bought more diapers from their company.

Not only is the price great, the quality of the diapers is amazing. I have never had any leaks or poop-explosions if I have them snapped on correctly

Price $

Okay, let’s be honest. These diapers are extremely affordable! Each diaper averages to be about $6 including an insert or 2. I always get the pocket diapers that include a 4-layer Bamboo insert for the most absorption. I have tried their pocket diaper, fitted diaper, AIO and disposable liners. Alvababy also sells packages of diapers. Some come with 6-20 diapers and you do end up saving a couple dollars per diaper when you buy in bulk!

Snap Closure Fit

Just like most cloth diapers, Alvababy diapers come with many different types of closures and styles. I have all snap closure diapers. They work great to get the best fit with no leakage or tight lines on your baby. These diapers are slender and trim. B has gone through many stages of being slimmer and chunky – these diapers have always had a great fit around his waist and thighs. 

There are adjustment snaps for rise and waist on these diapers. When Beckett was 6 weeks old and about 10-11 lbs, they fit great on the lowest rise. Now that he is bigger I have the snaps done up on the first row, or completely undone. This depends on how many inserts I put in the diaper. 

Absorbent and Comfortable

The pocket diapers have a thin microfleece or microsuede lining to protect baby’s bum from the saturated inserts. I switched to cloth diapers because B kept getting awful bum rashes. I have only had bum rashes when he occasionally in disposables. 

Not only do these diapers wick away the pee, keeping it off the skin, they are comfortable and move with baby. Getting a good fit is important to make sure no leaks happen. I have never had deep lines on B from the diaper being too tight. He is always a happy and busy baby!

Inserts and Disposable Liners

As you can see there are lots of different sizes and shapes of inserts and liners. The ones on the left are Alvababy, and the other ones are lots of different brands. I like Alvababy inserts because they are narrow but not too skinny. They make several different types, such as: microfiber, bamboo-microfiber, bamboo, and charcoal bamboo. Each having a different level of absorbency. I have tried all of these and I like each one for different reasons. 

I normally put 2 inserts in each diaper. Overnight I have a mixture of different types. Check out my Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution article. During the day, I put one microfiber insert ontop of a bamboo or microfiber-bamboo insert. This way the diapers can hold more pee and soak up faster. 

I have also tried their disposable liners that go between the diaper and baby’s bum. These are made to catch poop. Some people make fleece liners that are reusable. 

Lately I have been dunking and swishing his diapers in the toilet… The reason for this is because the disposable liners are way too skinny and hardly catch any poop. They roll up in the diaper as baby moves around. They weren’t very expensive, so I have been putting 2 beside each other in B’s diapers. I would give these a 2/5. Fortunately, they are the only product that I have had problems with from Alvababy!

Types and Styles

Alvababy offers multiple different types and styles of diapers and inserts. They also offer multiple different accessories for baby and YOU!


We have been using the same Alvababy diapers and inserts for over a year now. They still look brand new! There is absolutely no staining on any of my diapers or inserts. -Having a good wash routine will make sure of this. 

I used to dry my diapers over the curtain rod in the bathroom, but it just takes too much time. I have about 26 diapers right now, which means I have to do laundry at least every 2 days or we run out. This has made it almost impossible to not use the dryer. When the diapers and inserts are ready to go into the dryer, I set it on low heat and in about 20 minutes I take all the pockets and shells out of the dryer and lay them out on the bed. Then I turn the dryer to high heat to finish drying the inserts. 

This method allows the pockets to dry quickly but not ‘roast’ in the dryer. I have not found any problems at all with using heat in the dryer. In the early months, I was OVERLY PARANOID about using any heat on my diapers. I would wait 15+ hours for my diapers to dry because I didn’t want to burn them in the dryer… Now I see why that would be a bit silly.

Do They Hold The Poop?

Oh yeah. These diapers have held in the nastiest, most smelliest poops B has ever done. This includes runny breast milk poops! Because breast milk is water soluble, you just throw the dirty pooped on diapers straight into the washer. No dunking and swishing! Make sure to still do a cold rinse before your wash cycle. 

There was a time when B did a huge stinky breast milk poop at church… I ran to the mothers lounge to check if it had leaked all over him, and to my surprise, the Alvababy diaper had held everything in! Hallelujah!


Alvababy diapers are awesome, comfortable, AFFORDABLE, and they last for years and years! Almost all of my Alvababy diapers are second hand and are still holding up. You would never know they have been through 3 children!

Price $ – Affordable! Around $6 per diaper.

Fit – From chunky to slim, and then back to chunky; these diapers have fit B at EVERY stage.

Absorbency – Good absorbency, I still double up inserts because B pees so much. At night, I also use cotton pre-folds.

Comfort – Very comfortable! The soft fabric inside helps keep the pee away from  baby’s bum. Less risk for diaper rash. 

Inserts – Lots of different types to choose from. A good range of absorbency levels.

Quality – Comfortable, elastics don’t relax, can be used with heat, lasts for years!

NO Leakage!

Most cloth diapers have some or all of their parts made overseas. While some mothers like purchasing cloth diapers that were made in their own country, Alvababy diapers are made in China. 

Leave a comment with your Alvababy experience and advice or suggestions. Thank you!

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