Month: May 2018

Our Garden – May 2018

Our Garden – May 2018

Our plants are flourishing!

I think it’s been about 7 weeks since I started these seeds. They did very well when I hardened them off and transplanted them into their containers. We have had lots of hot and sunny days. This has been great for their growth. Since being outside, they have more than tripled in size. The back of our house gets the most sun throughout the day, but when it rains too much I hide them around the side of the house where there is more protection. We had a couple days where I was worried they would get crushed by the rain and blown by the wind. 

6 tomatoes

9 peppers

lots of beets!

1 zucchini

2 cucubers

15 peas

2 parsley

3 things I have learned this month

Plants are more resilient than we might think! I had to replant my peas plants about 3 times because they were outgrowing their containers. I never realized how much space each plant would ACTUALLY need. I am going to replant my cucumbers and peppers because I have crowded the containers too much.

Just like last month – ONLY water if they are dry. Even if the dirt looks dry, stick your finger down and make sure it is. Because it has rained so much I haven’t needed to water any of the plants for about a week. I went out today to check them because it had stopped raining and I noticed that even though the dirt looked dry, they were still wet. 

I also only water in the morning before the hot sun comes out or later in the evening. Some plants will get burned if their leaves are wet in the hot sun. Other plants will have troubles growing their roots because they are too warm and wet. 

You might lose some plants.. I noticed that some of the plants in my beet container had shriveled and died. I picked them out so they don’t clutter the pot. I’m not sure if they will grow back or why they died, but their will be some plants that don’t survive the transplanting. I think their roots were damaged when I replanted them. Just be aware that you might not be able to save all your plant babies.

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