Month: March 2018

Our Garden – April 2018

Our Garden – April 2018

1 week after planting seeds

Check out my previous article for tips on seed starting. 

After planting the seeds I watered them everyday. I noticed some sprout up and others were taking longer. Because we live in a basement suite, I put them on our kitchen counter where we have lots of sun coming through the window. I also put the on our bed once Mike is awake – the window in our bedroom has the most light in the house. Beckett can’t reach them here either! He almost pulled them off the table because they were too close to the edge. 

3 Things I learned this week!

The seedlings need to be watered. But NOT everyday. This creates mold and fungus on the soil and can rot your seeds and roots. I lost all of my onions, and all of the seeds in my green planter because they were too wet.

The egg cartons keep the soil wet and moist for a lot longer than I thought. – TIP use your finger to check if the soil needs to be watered. Put your finger in the soil about an inch to see if there is enough moisture. It’s okay if the soil looks dry. It might not be dry deeper down where the seed and roots are. 

I also learned that not all seeds will sprout. Even if you plant 2 seeds together, they may not germinate. If seeds are too old, not the right temperature, or too much water, they won’t sprout. So make sure to plant extra if you are worried. I planted 3 cucumbers seeds and 4 zucchini seeds. 2 cucumbers sprouted and only 1 zucchini sprouted. So I am hoping to be able to plant some more once we can buy more soil.

Check your local Walmart, Superstore, Home depot, or Canadian Tire for soil. Some stores won’t carry any soil until later April or the beginning of May. I found some soil at Home Hardware $6 for a tiny bag. Barely enough to use for starting seeds. When we went to Superstore to buy more soil for transplanting the sprouts, it was $4 for 40L!!! I could hardly believe it. 

Next stage

The seeds are about 4 weeks old in this photo. I moved the peas to a bigger container because they were growing right out of the egg cartons!!